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#18 Win A BBQ Contest – Practice

April 29, 2012 No Comments by admin

Although I have been a backyard BBQ for some time now, I still haven’t produced an excellant enough product to enter and win a┬ácompetition. Well here is practice #1 towards my #18 Bucket List item to Win a BBQ Contest. In this practice I am working on perfecting my rub and injection. In a typical KCBS (Kansas City BBQ Society)┬ácompetition you enter three different meats… Briskey, Ribs, and Chicken. I have a long way to go but it’s going to be fun!

This is my Rebel Backyard Smoker –


Rebel Smoker Backyard Smoker

This smoker has an ash tray, coal tray, and water pan… if you didn’t want to use the smoker you could use it as a grill.


The Three Trays And My Charcoal Starting

For my testing I actually tried to smoke a roast… it was cheaper than the brisket… turned out good. In this picture I injected it, covered in in mustard, and rubbed it with my special rub. :)

The Meat

Here is my special rub… I use their same injection it’s really good stuff… Kosmo Cow Cover


Came out of the foil with nice color… Would have liked a thicker crust…

BBQ In Foil

It’s Lunch time guys!

BBQ Baked Beans Cole Slaw


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