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Boom! Warrior Dash 2012

October 2, 2012 3 Comments by admin

Wanted to post some pictures from doing the Warrior Dash this past weekend in St Louis Missouri (it was actually in Moscow Mills)

I went into it more nervous about hurting myself then not being able to finish. Pretty much every physical event I do isn’t as bad as CrossFit. I was pleasantly surprised at how fun the race was and how energetic the atmosphere before and after. I am not sure if I want to tackle the Tough Mudder… but I did feel great when I was done! Plus I ran the whole race in my Vibrams which was a huge accomplishment for me!

Things to know if your going to do this next year!

– The line to get sprayed off by the fire department is long…

– Bring several towls…

– Take a friend that can keep the same pace as you so you can laugh at them…


  1. April Hendrix Westerhold
    5 years ago

    Great pictures! Glad you had a good time.


    • Marissa Hendrix Tesdall
      5 years ago

      How did our fredbird pics turn out?


    • April Hendrix Westerhold
      5 years ago

      I haven't gotten that far yet. LOL I'm getting there.


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