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Category: #3 Go to Central America

23 Jan



After a full year of planning I can finally check off the #3 item of my bucket list — Go To Central America. Not only did I go to Costa Rica but we went on adventure after adventure. It was truly an epic trip like I have never been on before. One of my favorite […]

14 May

#3 Go To Central America — Passport Has Arrived

USPS Passport Travel Chris Norman

Getting my passport should have been a a bucket list item of it’s own. That has been something I have been “meaning” to do for the past 10 years. It was not an very easy process either. It involved Courtney, Payton, and I traveling 30 miles and visiting 3 postoffices spending $300+  for all of […]

29 Apr

#3 Go to Central America — Oh Yeah Costa Rica! – First Step


Going to South America has been an ultimate bucket list item for years now and it’s finally coming to past!! A group of us have decided to rent a house and head to Costa Rica for 7 days! Now we just have to pay for it, learn spanish, and get ready to knock off a couple more […]