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Category: Inspiration

30 Nov

Finding Joy in the Journey – Not the Destination


I watch so many people striving for so called success. I have been one of them for over 10 years. Striving for more things, more money, a big truck, and a bigger house. Yet, there is never an end to the on going search for more. This creates a mindset that success is an actual […]

30 May

If I Had a Dollar for Every Time I Hear …


If I had a dollar for every time I hear: 1. I don’t want to get bulky 2. I don’t want to lift heavy weights and hurt myself… 3. Should I get in shape before I start working out? 3. I just want to get tone 4. I have bad knees 5. I have bad […]

28 May

I am going to talk about CrossFit… this is why.


I have recently been seeing many blog posts about how people who CrossFit tend to talk about it too much. Well it’s true… but not too much. Almost everyday I workout with a group of people who push fitness but not just fitness… a healthy lifestyle. When we CrossFit we are pushing the boundaries of […]

27 Apr

CrossFit 70: A Year Later – The Hardest Most Rewarding Project

10251957_780012485343658_7915871177997714358_n (1)

It has been a year since we started the biggest project of our life… CrossFit 70. Sometimes it has been like a WOD (workout of the day)… it is really hard work but there is something extremely rewarding about it. Not just rewarding but life changing. CrossFit 70 has been life changing. Starting out Courtney […]

11 Dec

I sleep with my Technogel Pillow


For the past year I have been on a never-ending search to improve my sleep. First, I started out with supplements… which helped. Then, moved on to a new mattress… helped. I purchased a travel cool air humidifier… which also helped. I am constantly on a pursuit for the perfect sleep because it is so […]

23 Nov

It is Finally Here… The 4-Hour Chef: By Tim Farriss


This time last year I first read Tim’s book the 4-Hour Work Week… A book all about maximizing your work style, business, and overall way of living. After an intense study of that book I jumped into the 4-Hour Body… A book all about maximizing your health and creating a lifestyle of listening to your […]

21 Nov

CrossFit Progress — Stronger and Leaner

14 Nov

My First (real) CrossFit Competition


After several months of training and a great amount of anxiety… I completed a CrossFit competition! The CrossFit Country Throwdown was a success. My team “The Solution” finished 7th place out of 18 teams. We worked very hard and pushed as hard as our bodies seemed to allow at the time! This was a massive […]

01 Nov

2007 Courtney’s Define The Relationship Email


Courtney and I have been married for 5 years now and have a beautiful 2 year old. It is so crazy to think how far we have come, meeting on ministry trips in Des Moines, Iowa. Just six months after meeting we married and started our life together…. so young! You can read the full […]

28 Oct

2012 Zombie Survival Dash St Louis — 5K #3

Chris Norman and Family at Zombie Surivival Dash ST Louis

Yesterday I ran in the long-awaited Zombie Survival Dash in St Louis (Actually Robertsville… which is a long way from St Louis). Ran with my sisters and my beautiful wife Courtney, we have been signed up for this race for almost 6 months. I have been really excited about it and even ditched the opportunity […]