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CrossFit 70: A Year Later – The Hardest Most Rewarding Project

April 27, 2014 1 Comment by admin

It has been a year since we started the biggest project of our life… CrossFit 70. Sometimes it has been like a WOD (workout of the day)… it is really hard work but there is something extremely rewarding about it. Not just rewarding but life changing. CrossFit 70 has been life changing.

Starting out Courtney and I were way over our head. This wasn’t something that we had been prepared for, but a project that we had been destined to start. There was a lot of help from the conception… some of them stayed … some turned their backs almost instantly. Through the past year we have gained some of the most incredible relationships. People that I would classify has family, relationships deeper than a friendship.  There have been many surprises along the way, many great gains, and life long memories.

CrossFit was something different for us than some may have thought. It was a source of community and a place to change lives. It was a place for people to come together, focus on health, and focus on relationships around them. Some may come and some may go but it becomes a memorable place for many. We wanted to have a place that people can see results in their figure and gain new confidence mentally. Each individual needs to see results, feel like they belong, and leave knowing that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible.

We launched out a year ago in a space under 1000 sqft with a few founding members. Me, Courtney, Jason, and Aaron… I had the idea that the most memorable strength that we could launch with was THRUSTERS. The first day was fun and we knew that we had done good work. We already felt that we had a connection to this place and great things were going to happen.




Each person that joined us week after week, jumped in to push themselves harder and harder than they ever did before. We jumped in over our heads as a community into different challenges.

In May we did Murph…


In June we got our butts kicked at Chesterfield:



In September we did the Garage Games:





In October we did Barbells for Boobs… Raised a huge amount of money too!



We also did a bon fire at Eckerts!

57507_10100111309462179_981410034_o 1403166_10100111309008089_105712492_o

In November we worked out on THANKSGIVING DAY!


In December we took a bunch of hard working teams to their first Throwdown:



In January we moved to a building that was THREE times bigger. Almost half our box showed up to help us move… and we didn’t even ask! We moved our box in under two hours!



The move to the new building may have went easy but it was a long journey to get there and get it renovated. The building being so much larger required so much more time and  money to get renovated. We added showers but ran into many roadblocks. I was really thankful for members that understood what it took to grow and still stand beside us. AND it is still a work in progress…



We had a great mashup with CrossFit Maryland Heights, CrossFit St Charles, and CrossFit South City… I was very excited to spend time with box owners that understand how to develop community.


THEN we launched into the CrossFit Open… We had athletes that grew so much during the 2014 open. We had athletes learn double unders on the fly.. Chest to Bar pullups, Toes To Bar, and push way beyond their limits. As a coach I have never been so proud of a group of people. There were many occasions that I teared up with the passion that I saw in each individual.




We also did the “Release the Beast” challenge and watched athletes achieve massive goals and work above and beyond the WOD.



Courtney’s Box birthday party… we had so many people we took up like 10 tables.


Then we met up with the awesome members at St Peters CrossFit and did a Throwdown.



We have so many members wanting to take CrossFit to a higher level that we needed to start a competitor class.


This year has been a hard year… Lots of time with early mornings and late nights. Everything in life had to be adjusted to to take care of this project. It doesn’t matter how hard it has been because it is passion that drives it. It is knowing that we have and will continue to build a strong community of athletes. The relationships that have come out of this are so valuable

Every single member current and past that has been with us has help build this but I want especially thank a few people.

Courtney – Yes this is us together but you are a rock star and have devoted everything to this. You are stronger and fitter than ever. You have worked a full time job, been a Mom, a Wife, and a Coach.

Aaron – Not a friend but a brother. You haven’t just helped you have become a partner in this and stood next to us EVERY single step of the way.

Caren, Kevin, and Nana – For putting it all on the line and believing in us!

Travis and Elisha – You guys have really been with us since day 1… Always encouraging and always there to help out, coach, and shoulders to cry on lol.

Paul – You have said some things to me over the past 6 months that have been life changing. You have been a great coach to me as a CrossFitter, Coach, and Box owner.

All Our AMAZING COACHES – Aaron, Travis, Alex D., and Antoinette. (Also the new ones coming in!)

EVERY Member, Friend, and Family (you know who you are) – For being awesome.

CrossFit 70 – Lets have another year of BIG PR’s and a great time!!



One Comment

  1. Brenda Heilman Tillman
    4 years ago

    Chris and Courtney so happy for the two of you. Loved seeing you at the wedding. You guys look GREAT and have a little cutie pie that shares your life. Love to All of You, Mrs. T.


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