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If I Had a Dollar for Every Time I Hear …

May 30, 2014 No Comments by admin

If I had a dollar for every time I hear:

1. I don’t want to get bulky
2. I don’t want to lift heavy weights and hurt myself…
3. Should I get in shape before I start working out?
3. I just want to get tone
4. I have bad knees
5. I have bad _______.

Not saying that any of those statements are right or wrong… I just hear them every single day.

So I just want to give my two cents on those statements…

1. I don’t want to get bulky… Getting bulky is HARD. It takes careful diet and training to be able to pull of the balance of gaining lean muscle and not fat. You are probably not eating or lifting anywhere close to enough to get “bulky”. If you have an easy time getting bulky… please share the details…. Because I like lean muscle and fight for it daily!

2. I don’t want to lift heavy weights and hurt myself… No coach worth his salt is going to start you out lifting heavy weights. Sometimes you have to start with PVC… an empty bar… whatever it takes to build up the connective tissue and muscle to be capable of a lifting movement light or heavy. When your body allows you to progress with weights… you should want to lift. It builds and strengthens muscles, allows for strong joints, and balances hormone levels. This statement should be… “Can I trust you as a coach to teach me the correct progression to lift weights appropriate for my physical capability?” :)

3. Should I get in shape before I start working out? … Really?… Do I need to give myself stitches before I go to the ER? Fitness is a journey and everyone starts in different places. More than likely if you aren’t “Fit” now… then you need my help because you are having issues with it! So lets just start in the place you are at and get the show on the road.

4. I just want to get tone… We ALL just want to get tone! Beyond being tone we should really want a cardio system that can handle daily activity, joints that are healthy and not prone to injury, a low fat %, the ability to have functional movement in your muscles,  and correct hormone levels.

5. I have bad knees… Most often this is because of abuse on weak joints. We go play flag football and don’t have mobile joints or any strength in the surrounding muscles… bad things are going to happen.  It is important to bring mobility back to the joints… strengthen the joint… then the BAD will probably go away. If there is a current injury there are always ways to work around it and shouldn’t be a road block to the fitness journey.

6. I have Bad____ … Same as above…

Fitness is a journey… so lets eliminate some of the mental road blocks and get after it. Find a coach that you can trust and communicate thoughts and fears. Trust that they are going to take care of you and listen to what your body is saying. A coach-to-client relationships has trust and communication.


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