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DONE! #6 Run a 5K … Feels So Good!

August 19, 2012 No Comments by admin

I am happy to say that I am knocking off a bucket list item! I ran a 5K and it was a BLAST. Yesterday, Courtney, my sister, and I ran the Color Run in St. Louis. There were about 15,000 people who attended and the energy was very exciting. Every K you run through a color station and get doused in a colored powder. The dress code is a white t-shirt so by the end of it we were covered in all kinds of crazy color variations.

After doing CrossFit I knew that the race wasn’t going to be very taxing on my cardio system but it was my first race so I was a bit nervous. I realized that as I was passing person after person I was addicted to PASSING PEOPLE! I was pushing Courtney and my sister to keep up because I wanted to keep passing. (Unknowing that my sister was about to vomit) I don’t think most people in this race where as competitive as I was… but I was ready to smash the competition lol! The race wasn’t hard and it was so much fun!

At the end of the race there was a “color party” that included a stage, DJ, and sweaty runners throwing color powder all over the place. The energy was electric and at one point I was up on stage doing a dance off with 25 other guys (I didn’t win). Each time they had a color throw it literally blocked out the sun with colored powder and we would walk away even more “colored” than before.

I was tricked out for the run in my Brooks Pure Flow Shoes, Rogue Compression Socks, and my newly purchased FLIP BELT because I didn’t like my phone, CC, license, and hotel key bouncing around in my pocket.

Next weekend I am probably going to do another local race to try to improve my time… AND the Zombie Survival Dash is coming up in October.

Just want to encourage everyone to grab something and stick to it! Don’t let fear and complacency hold you back!


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