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Finding Joy in the Journey – Not the Destination

November 30, 2014 No Comments by admin

I watch so many people striving for so called success. I have been one of them for over 10 years. Striving for more things, more money, a big truck, and a bigger house. Yet, there is never an end to the on going search for more. This creates a mindset that success is an actual destination that I can arrive at. Success as a destination is simply a mirage that I will constantly see in the distance but never arrive at.

What I have learned in my short years in business is that there will always be something else. I can get the next great thing… but then I will push for the next great thing. It is an un-ending cycle of crap. I am not saying that I don’t want great things but I don’t want the purpose of my life to be the pursuit of them.

As a young guy I was always striving for the bigger job… I got it, what next?

I wanted the big house… I got it… now I want a smaller house.

I wanted a nice big truck… I got it… Its nice… but it doesn’t define who I am.

I wanted my own CrossFit… I got it… it is incredible… but also includes long nights and more stress.

I propose that instead of creating this long and unobtainable success destination…. That you create a “Perfect Day”. What would your day look like in a perfect scenario? Of course it would include the fundamentals of a hard working individual, setting out to pursue short and long term goals… but what would that day actually look like?

Peter Drucker says “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”. Meaning that if you aren’t aware of the current situation that you are in, you can’t improve on it. If you don’t know where you are at then you can’t plan for where you want to be. If you don’t look at your day-to-day you can’t improve your day-to-day.

What would it take for you to wake up excited about TODAY. Wouldn’t it be great to outline your day to truly define your core values? The life blood of what you’re living for?

First outline ultimate goals:

  • I want to spend time with my family
  • I want to be financially stable
  • I want to be able to travel 2 times a year
  • I want continue a journey with CrossFit and helping others with fitness.
  • I want to continue to help others market business better on the internet and brick and mortar.
  • I want to continue to read and learn… expanding my understanding and skill set.
  • I don’t want my things to cause me stress, therefore I must be able to stay in control of finances and debt.

Next, I want to outline what the schedule of a perfect day would look like (Template):

  • 5am – Wake up, Enjoy Coffee, Emails, and Read.
  • 6am – Workout
  • 7am – Coach CrossFit
  • 8am – Shower/Breakfast
  • 9am – Business/Work/Consulting
  • 12pm – Lunch with Wife
  • 1-6pm Business/Work/Consulting
  • 6pm+ Family Time/Dinner
  • 10pm Bed

What would it cost to live this perfect day:

Figure out what it would cost to live the perfect day. Adjust your finances to make that happen. As your finances become greater be careful not to change your lifestyle if it will cause a negative impact to the day. You want the lifestyle to be maintained without the negative stress of finances.

Each layout of the “Perfect Day” is going to be different for every individual. Of course everyday is not going to be perfect. Stress and real life will still set in. The point of this is to breakdown the most daily aspect of life. We must enjoy the journey, because a true destination may not exist. The only thing we are assured of is that the journey does exist, therefore we must learn to enjoy it.

Challenge to Myself:

This is really an outline to the progressive journey that I currently find myself on. I have realized that there isn’t a end game to my past pursuit. There needed to be a change, I want everyday to be small glimpse of the destination that I dreamed of for so long. There is nothing better than having a great day… today. I want to plan my tomorrow, and strive to hit my core values.

Core Values:

  • Love God
  • Love My Family
  • Love Others
  • Pursue a stress reduced life
  • Live healthy

If Tomorrow was your last day, how would you live differently?

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