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I am going to talk about CrossFit… this is why.

May 28, 2014 2 Comments by admin

I have recently been seeing many blog posts about how people who CrossFit tend to talk about it too much. Well it’s true… but not too much.

Almost everyday I workout with a group of people who push fitness but not just fitness… a healthy lifestyle.

When we CrossFit we are pushing the boundaries of our mind, body, and really spirit. Everyone in my box (a CrossFit Gym) is doing the same thing…pushing the limits of their mind-body-spirit. They may just want to drop some fat, want heavy lifts, just have general fitness, or be good at gymnastics. It doesn’t matter… they have set a goal and they are working hard to achieve that goal.

When I watch one of our athletes hit a goal I celebrate it. The whole box celebrates it… we have watched them work for months to achieve that goal… and they did it. They invested time, money, blood, sweat, and often tears in training to achieve that goal they set for themselves. They worked hard with a community of supporters behind them to achieve it.

So we are going to talk about it!

One of the most addicting things about CrossFit is the strong community. Each of us as human beings are looking to be apart of community. Some of us have several communities but I believe that belonging is in our DNA. When you walk in the door of a CrossFit box it isn’t just to have a good workout. You are walking into an open environment to have daily support. Some of the conversations in our box have been deep and personal. I have developed strong lasting relationships with so many people because of CrossFit. We go to the funerals, the weddings, the birthday parties, send the texts, the emails, and phone calls… and we always have shoulders to cry on. When someone falls behind we try to pick them up.

We talk about this!

On Memorial Day we did a Hero workout called MURPH. It is in honor of a fallen Navy SEAL and a way for us to honor all of our Military. The workout is hard… harder than most workouts we do most of the year. It takes a long time to finish… and the only goal is to finish. As I looked around of all the athletes working to complete this workout. I saw community and a powerful support system. I saw the old helping the young, the young helping the old, guys falling back and others going to pick them up, I saw families spending time together. In the current world there are few places you can find this type of community.


So we talk about it…

CrossFit is not for everyone. There will always be the haters and I am OK with that. But I want to send a message to some of those individuals!

  • When did it become wrong to talk about a health journey?
  • When did we stop being excited for someone who found a passion?
  • We are watching our children develop obesity related diseases and you’re going to say we talk about fitness to much?
  • CrossFit boxes are building much-needed community and support… when did that become a bad thing?
  • CrossFit boxes are bringing economic growth… when did that become a bad thing?
  • Stop feeling guilty because I am doing something that you aren’t doing. You are able to walk, eat right, workout, or live any lifestyle you choose! Just because you don’t want to join me… doesn’t mean you have to be against me.

You don’t have to join us…

I don’t see myself better than anyone else because I CrossFit. I love to see anyone pursing a healthy lifestyle and achieving goals… this is how I have decided to do it! If you want to run a marathon then do it! If you like to bike then do it! If you simply walk the neighborhood then that is awesome! Just do something!

And feel free to unfriend me on Facebook if you no longer want to see my lifting pictures!



  1. Joanna Broadbent
    4 years ago

    I think you and Courtney are awesome! I also think it is awesome you guys are pursuing your dreams!!!


  2. Mary Kay Brandt
    4 years ago

    In a simplified manner…this is very well said! It is honest, sincere, unbiased, and simply spoken from the heart. No one is "judging" crossfit here….good or bad….Being a memer of CrossFit for 9 months has changed my life in sooo many ways. It's NOT just about the workout…there's so much more! But until you allow your self to open your mind and body to a new opportunity, you will never experience all the great things that CF has to offer. It doesn't just change your physical appearance….it changes your life.


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