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I sleep with my Technogel Pillow

December 11, 2012 2 Comments by admin

For the past year I have been on a never-ending search to improve my sleep. First, I started out with supplements… which helped. Then, moved on to a new mattress… helped. I purchased a travel cool air humidifier… which also helped. I am constantly on a pursuit for the perfect sleep because it is so essential to work, health, and a happy life!

The next step in the process was to research and improve my pillow! I am certainly a pillow hugger so I purchased the two biggest pillows I could find. This worked well for the huggin part, but didn’t do wonders for my neck. I would have the pillow move around, shrink flat, get hot, and fall off my bed. I can’t imagine a single human in the whole world that enjoys a flat hot pillow… what’s the point?

The Technogel pillow caught my eye for a few reasons…

  • They are designed for your sleep habits… front sleeper, back sleeper, side sleeper etc. (I am a side/back sleeper)
  • It is VERY heavy… that means it can’t move around all over my bed.
  • Gel … means… it will not get super hot and this pillow is known to breathe really well.
  • It is hypoallergenic which I didn’t think I had a problem with… but I think that bed dust may be an issue!

When the pillow arrived the first thing that I noticed was how heavy the box was. I couldn’t believe that there was actually a pillow in the box. This was an instant YES moment because I had a feeling it would give me the support needed… and wouldn’t fall off the bed.

The first night of sleep certainly took some getting use to. This is a pillow that is actually causing my body to sleep in a position that it is supposed to. My neck was supported, my spine was aligned… it was great but different! Each night for the past week my sleep has improved greatly. Some of the things I have noticed is that I am not waking up with numb fingers ( I was before because of pinched shoulder nerves)… and I am not getting a horrible dry mouth ( my other pillow would go flat and cause my mouth to open)


Average AFTER

I am now seeing 10+ points of sleep improvement with my sleep monitors. I use several different sleep monitors to track the movements and sleep levels I experience. I went from mid 70%’s to mid 80%’s just from this change alone. Nothing else in the past few weeks has changed except switching to the technogel pillow.

If you are looking to improve sleep I recommend the Technogel Pillow but you are more than welcome to to the research yourself..

I am now trying to figure out a way to pack this pillow for all the travel dates coming up in 2013! I already bring my Sleep ZEO and humidifier … I know I know… Nerd.



  1. Joanna Broadbent
    5 years ago

    Pretty cool!


  2. Caleb Arnold
    5 years ago

    I want one!


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