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It is Finally Here… The 4-Hour Chef: By Tim Farriss

November 23, 2012 No Comments by admin

This time last year I first read Tim’s book the 4-Hour Work Week… A book all about maximizing your work style, business, and overall way of living.

After an intense study of that book I jumped into the 4-Hour Body… A book all about maximizing your health and creating a lifestyle of listening to your bodies needs and taking care of it.

I have read both those books 4 times this year and have completely altered different aspects of my life to as far as Business, Lifestyle, and Health.

This year my business has grown, I am in the best health of my life, and I can now work from any location and have learned to travel cheap and efficiently. All things that I have so much thanks to God for… He certainly opened the right doors and placed the right materials in front of me. I can’t wait to see how the momentum will continue into 2013.

Tim Has just release The 4-Hour Chef which is all around developing learning skills and learning hacks in life.

If anyone is up for reading it with me we can start DEC 1st (after I finish Mastery by Robert Greene)

I will throw a discussion up on the site and we can all talk about different perspectives as we go.

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