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My First (real) CrossFit Competition

November 14, 2012 2 Comments by admin

After several months of training and a great amount of anxiety… I completed a CrossFit competition!

The CrossFit Country Throwdown was a success.

My team “The Solution” finished 7th place out of 18 teams. We worked very hard and pushed as hard as our bodies seemed to allow at the time! This was a massive learning experience and a total blast. It was really amazing how much of the CrossFit community is so … caring and embracing. This community has shown to me that values and a caring atmosphere is most important.

It was so inspiring that everyone wanted to win… but no one wanted anyone else to lose. 

It was great being on a team when some solid guys and good friends… Aaron and Tyler. We worked hard to strategize our WOD’s the best that we could. Tyler taught Aaron and I how to get in the zone and not burn out before we worked out.

We where just seconds away from being able to compete in the finals. Although we didn’t get to, it was really great to be able to cheer on our fellow CrossFit Teams and see some extraordinary FRAN times. 

This was the first major sporting event that I have ever been able to compete in. Growing up being homeschooled in a very non-athletic family… didn’t allow for many opportunities like this. I had such a blast that I can’t wait to start training for the next event and place even higher.


Here is the Video of our First WOD


  1. Joanna Broadbent
    5 years ago

    Pretty awesome Chris!


  2. Ryan Greenhalgh
    5 years ago

    You guys did great! Hope you compete in Jan and Feb as well!


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