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My Nike Fuel… What I think

August 14, 2012 No Comments by admin

Well as most of you saw I ordered the Nike Fuel. I was impressed by my chiropractor (Dr Matt at O’Fallon Back Pain Center) description of its awesomeness so I thought I would give it a try. I have to say it’s not what I expected but I have learned to love it in a different way… personal goals. By no means is the Nike Fuel a scientific source of accurate information, but it does measure activity. It measures Steps, Active Calories, and some how compounds that into a Nike Fuel Score. The first day that I had it I was like … this isn’t for real it’s giving me 1000 Nike Fuel for a full WOD? Through the week I have learned how my personal activity relates to my Nike Fuel… so I know what my full 3000 Nike Fuel day looks like… and I know what my 1000 Nike Fuel day looks like. It has been causing me to have this personal fire in myself to push for my full active goal everyday … yes I have been doing double workouts. :)

I just wish it had a heart rate monitor… so bad.

As far as functionality and use… it’s easy. There is one button to sort through the measurements and time… it has a cool light up multi-color LED meter to show my current fuel status. It syncs in a matter of seconds with my iPhone app and then to the website profile I have set up. It comes in Small, Medium, and Large with multiple links that can be easily added and removed to be custom fit. I ordered the large and should probably have a medium… they have a print out to measure your wrist with on the Nike Plus website. It is really comfortable, light weight, looks cool, and is water-resistant.

Overall I am happy with the purchase.


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