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This is Really Happening

May 31, 2012 No Comments by admin

Jumping in head first and figuring out how to swim later – That’s the task I’m about to take on. My dear friends and co-workers at Barton Publishing have taken on a challenge to have a 60 day body transformation. I have taken the challenge!

Starting first thing tomorrow morning I will be getting a full body DXA scan to determine my exact BMI and other useful information. Courtney and I are both scheduled with Professor Brian at the University of Illinois.

Starting Saturday morning I will be starting 5 days a week with CrossFit in O’Fallon.

Starting tomorrow morning I will be starting the slow carb diet outlined by Tim Farriss in the 4 hour body.

…. It’s going to be a fun 60 days!…

The before picture will be coming tomorrow as well as my DXA results.

Here is my August Goal


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