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Why CrossFit

August 4, 2012 No Comments by admin

Since I have posted my current results last week everyone has been asking me why CrossFit, what am I eating, and what am I taking. I want to take the next week to really answer some of those questions.

In May when I started the 60 day fat loss challenge the first thing that went through my head was, “What is the quickest way I can workout and not get burnt out”. I promptly sent Josh Finley at CrossFit O’Fallon a text to ask if he felt I would be able to get the results I needed fast. He said that if I put in the time and energy that I will be able to drop weight fast… he was right.

I have known about CrossFit for several years and I have always been apprehensive about it, fearing that it was just a trend workout. It always seemed crazy because everyone had there own language with it and it seemed like a weird addiction. I felt that everyone wanted to be super involved because it was a popular trend and just wanted to be “cool”. I can’t believe that I let that keep me from the most amazing workout for that many years. 

What Does a Workout Look Like?

CrossFit over the past 60+ days has been completely life changing. It has taken simple workouts and built a community and competitive spirit around it. When I walk in the door in the morning I see familier faces (sweaty but smiling). I normally walk through the door at 7am with my friend Aaron every day but WED and SUN. The 6am class is over and they are recovering from an intense WOD (work out of the day) and we lightly discuss how it went etc. We promptly start with a strong warm up that includes some stretch, running or rowing, squats, pull-ups, pushups… it’s always changing. We then move to the strength portion of the workout that includes some module of olympic lifting. The great thing is this time allows us to develop great form and increase weight has your from allows.

The next portion of the time is developed around a WOD or Work Out of the Day. It changes every day and includes a mixture of strength and cardio type movements that create a metabolic burn and increase strength. The WODs are normally timed and your are always pushing yourself to build a better time. Some of the workouts such as FRAN , GRACE, JACKIE etc … are all the same across the CrossFit community. Others are programed by the trainer at the gym, everything is scaled as necessary for your physical ability. I am always pushing to increase my times and have some friendly competition between the others that work with me.

What it Means to Me

Growing up I have always had a desire to be apart of a sport type competition. I never exactly had the speed to be involved in conventional sports growing up. When I did have what it took to be in sports I was home schooled so at that point I didn’t really have the opportunity. I have always had a desire to become physically better as well as to have a chance to compete, and be apart of a community that is built around that. CrossFit has given me all of those things.

CrossFit is a healthy work out that has community, competition, and health all wrapped up into one awesome package. When I try to explain it to some they don’t exactly understand, but every day I am allowed to push myself to a breaking point. I press past fears, overcome obstacles, and eliminate weakness all while being surrounded by a community of people that really care.

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